Dave Berk was great to work with. He helped my son navigate the entire recruiting process, from early his junior year through his signing day in February of his senior year.

Dave was instrumental in helping my son see through the flurry of recruiting activity and coached him on the areas to focus his time and energy, from physical development to camps and visits.

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Father of Garrett Jostworth

My wife and I went through the recruiting process with our older daughter and never really seemed to get the traction we thought we would. We went to camps and played every weekend with her travel team spending thousands of dollars. Once our son (Dayton) decided he wanted to play college football, we knew we would have to try a different route. You can read about our experience with Dave Berk. READ MORE


Parents of Dayton Baugh - Kentucky

The recruiting process was more complex than I initially thought. It left me worried I could not get my son recognized by coaches. Therefore, it led me to pay for a couple of well known “National Recruiting Services” spending thousands of dollars. All too often I learned, individuals and compaines promise services they say will help get your son recognized and recruited. Personally, such services provided no aid in helping my son achieve his goals. After I paid for these so called recruiting services, I met Dave Berk. You can read about my experience with Dave Berk here. READ MORE


Father of Jango Glackin - Ohio

The recruiting process is like riding a different roller coaster each week. Yes, my wife and I spent money on one of the big “FOUR” letter national recruiting services when our son was in Junior High School. However, we learned once we reached High School, we spent money we shouldn’t have spent. If not for working with Dave Berk, we’re not sure where our son would be right now. You can read more about our experience working with Dave Berk here. READ MORE


Father of Elijah Ratliff - Ohio

I wanted to take a minute to express my appreciation for your advice and guidance with the college football recruitment process. We didn’t realize how behind we were in the process until approaching our son’s senior year. While I wish we had found you earlier, I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to utilize your consulting services. My son would not have had the opportunities he did without your navigation advise and consulting services. Thank you for helping to make his dreams become a reality. He’s thrilled to be able to participate at the next level.

With Gratitude,



There is no handbook or necessary direction when it comes to recruiting. However, what I learned very quickly is that there are certain people you and your son can trust. Dave Berk is that person. My son spoke with Dave early in his recruitment and relied on his honesty, candor and advice throughout. He truly cares about your son and his best interest, all while honestly loving the sport. You can read about our experience with Dave Berk. READ MORE


Mother of Noah Listermann - Ohio

Through Dave’s extensive network of contacts, we were able to gain access to several Division One (BCS) schools in a matter of weeks. Upon one of our first visits at a Super Junior Day, we had the chance to finally meet Dave, and soon after developed a family type of relationship that has lasted from High School, college and the NFL and still does to this day. To say Dave really cared about our son is an understatement! You can read more about our experience with Dave Berk. READ MORE


Parents of Sean Hooey - Michigan