Jango Glackin Finished His High School Career at IMG Academy

By: Greg Glackin

The recruiting process is something no parent or recruit is prepared for, and every recruit will have a different experience. My son, Jango Glackin, had a dream at a young age to play Division I college football. As a parent, I did everything I could to assist my son in making his dream a reality. Often I would tell him that a dream will stay a dream unless you do what you need to do to make it a reality.

Early I provided him with the best trainers and opportunities to become a DI worthy recruit. However, being a DI recruit doesn’t mean your son will be on a division one college roster.

Like all parents, I wanted to do all I could for my son to get recruited, which usually ended up being a waste of time and money. Quickly, I found out there are many services and people very happy to make you promises and take your money. I signed up for some of these high profile recruiting services, which took my money and were of no help at all in the recruiting process.

I went to camps and watched my son perform very well and win awards, but they weren’t in front of the people giving the scholarships. I made every mistake you could make as a parent. Many times what I thought would help my son, hurt him.

I then decided to approach Dave Berk to assist me in the process. From our first conversation, Dave never promised me anything, but gave a detailed assessment of my son and his abilities. Dave took on my son’s recruiting and did everything from helping me make a good highlight film, to monitoring what my son and I posted on the internet. I could have saved myself thousands of dollars and wasted time had I contacted Dave from the beginning.

I learned the recruiting process is more complex than I initially thought and left me worried I would fail in getting my son recognized by college coaches. The services I paid for prior to meeting Dave never provided any aid in helping my son achieve his goals.

Dave is no stranger to the recruiting process and with his guidance, my son ended up earning 17 Division One college football scholarships. Without Dave’s help, my son may have never been able to accept a full scholarship from Northwestern University.

Dave’s services paid off in hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships being extended to my son. I am thankful for Dave and all of his help and support.

Dave helped me put my son on a plan for success. I have no doubt that without Dave Berk’s assistance, my son would not have had as good of experience or results as he did.  If you have a son who wants to play college football, I strongly advise you to seek the help of Dave Berk as he just created a business devoted to helping your son achieve his goal.

Greg Glackin On Working With Dave Berk