So, you have a highlight video…
Is it a good one?
Will it turn the heads of a college football recruiting staff?
What makes a good high school highlight video?
There are several things you must do and must not do when making a highlight video for college recruiting staffs to view.
The old saying film doesn’t lie is no longer the case with technology that allows some to manipulate and change what the eye is seeing.
When I started watching prospects highlights in the late 90’s, I received VHS tapes. Then technology saw it moved to DVD’s prior to compact storage devices and now, streaming on demand with services like HUDL that allowed seeing prospects in action to increase 100%.


Many companies who run recruiting services will use free profiles or free highlight evaluations to lure a prospect or parent in their door only to work to sign them up for one of several levels of services offered for a fee.

We do not do “FREE” evaluations only to strike up a conversation that will lead to you hiring us. We look to be upfront and honest going through a prospects highlights for a fee, and then, it’s up to parents to make a decision if they want to talk more about them becoming a client for our full services.

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