Cincinnati Winton Woods Offensive Lineman Noah Listermann #63 Signed With Michigan State

Julie Listermann DiBlasio on Working With Dave

My son Noah Listermann didn’t start playing football until his sophomore year and things moved extremely fast early on. Not only was the game of football new to my son and I, but so was all the attention, phone calls and interviews.

There is no hand book or necessary direction when it comes to recruitment, but what I learned very quickly is that there are certain people you and your son can trust. Dave Berk is that person. My son spoke to him early in his recruitment and relied on his honesty, candor and advice throughout. He truly cares about your son and his best interest, all while honestly loving the sport.

Dave assisted us with everything from camps to advice in receiving athletic training after high school prior to enrolling in college.

Dave “knows” people and those people you can also trust! After all of the visits, camps, and campuses we have been to, everyone knows Dave. He is respected among coaches and colleges alike. Although Noah is now at Michigan State University, I know that I am still able to contact him any time with advice and consider him a friend for life.

I would recommend Dave Berk to absolutely anyone with a college bound athlete!

Noah With His Mom Julie
Julie Listermann DiBlasio On Working With Dave Berk