Dave Berk was great to work with. He helped my son navigate the entire recruiting process, from early his junior year through his signing day in February of his senior year.

Dave was instrumental in helping my son see through the flurry of recruiting activity and coached him on the areas to focus his time and energy, from physical development to camps and visits.

Of course, with Covid, camps and visits were, in many ways, not an option, requiring more coaching and counseling from Dave and his understanding and knowledge of the process and programs.

Along the way, we talked a great deal about finding the right fit. Dave truly got to know my son and helped guide us on the right fit. He became a true friend to my son and me through this process.

I look forward to Dave continuing to mentor my son as he enters the next chapter of his football career.

Thank you, Dave, it has been fun.

Paul Jostworth

Paul Jostworth Talks Working with Dave Berk