The Baugh Family on visit to West Point

My wife and I went through the recruiting process with our older daughter and never really seemed to get the traction we thought we would.  We went to camps and played every weekend with her travel team spending thousands of dollars. 

Once our son (Dayton) decided he wanted to play college football we knew we would have to try a different route. 

We took him to camps as well but again nothing ever came to fruition. 

Were we going to the right camps? 

Were we going to too many camps? 

A friend of ours had a relationship with Dave, from his time with, and referred us to him. 

From the start, Dave was open and up front on what our son needed to do if he wanted to play college football. 

One of the very first questions Dave asked, “Is it Division One or nothing?”  My son just wanted to play football, so the answer was no. 

I asked why was that the first question and Dave rattled off the stats of how many high school players there are and then the number of Division One scholarships available.  It made a lot of sense. 

Once we met with Dave and he got a chance to see our son, he thought that if he wanted to play football at the college level, he would have to be an offensive lineman and would have to put on 30-pounds. 

Dave was able to make sure that our son went to the “Right” camps not just the money grabs to meet coaches and show his skill.  He walked through social media with our son stressing the importance of both good and bad posts, tweets, etc.  Dave was vested and cared. 

He would call once or twice a week to check in on how the weight gain was going and if any coaches had reached out.  He was also always available if we had questions for him. 

In fact, he encouraged us to call with anything no matter how small.  Recruiting is a trying time for both the kids and parents. 

Dave Berk slowed the whole process down and walked us through it.  If not for Dave, our son would have been at an Army recruiter’s office the day after graduation. 

Now he will get to fulfill his dream of being in the service and playing college football at Army West Point.

Ryan and Amber Baugh On Working with Dave Berk