We first met Dave Berk through his affiliation with Scout.com.

The first time we spoke was on the phone after inquiring about sending a high school highlight tape of our son’s junior year. Dave called back within the week asking us if we would be amiable to him writing about our son, Sean on the Scout.com website.

After Dave posted his article along with several videos, the whole recruiting process became a monster in itself!

His first advice to us was to go to our post office and switch from a box to a drawer. This was incredibly fortuitous, as we had no idea of the journey we were about to embark on!

Sean Hooey Spent 3 Years in the NFL

Through his extensive network of contacts, we were able to gain access to several Division 1/ BCS schools in a matter of weeks.

Upon one of our first visits at a Super Junior Day, we had the chance to finally meet Dave, and soon after developed a family type relationship that lasted from High School, all through college, the NFL, and still to this day.

To say that Dave really cared about our son is an understatement!

He was always there to answer any question, and was, and still is always the straight shooter.

In the process of recruiting which has become a little insane, he is an incredible sounding board that allows parents to maintain some semblance of control and sanity.

This I can not emphasize enough to anyone with a child entering into collegiate sports.

He has our strongest recommendation.

Tim & Joanne Hooey
Parents of Sean Hooey

Tim & Joanne Hooey On Working With Dave Berk