A football team takes the field with a plan to win following a week of practice. We work to make sure you have a plan of attack when it comes to the recruiting process. Each plan is based on your needs, not one that has been given to someone else.

The first day of a prospects freshman year is the start of their recruitment. Each and every day matters on and off the field.

As parents, we’ve watched our kids grow and become some of the best football players we’ve seen. However, have you truly compared you childs talents to the thousands of prospects from across the country?

Each coach will vary in their insight and involvement of the recruiting process. We’ve seen very involved coaches and those who are laid back to the overall process. We’ve seen high school coaches toss parents and prospects under the bus telling college coaches to look elsewhere.

The use of highlight film (HUDL) can many times be the first time a college staff has seen a prospect. Film must show dynamic plays and many times parents and players don’t understand what makes a great highlight play. We can help make sure the right plays are in the right place to grab attention.

The sooner you understand the odds of earning a full athletic scholarship is stacked against you, the better you will be. While many dream of playing at big time colleges, the majority of those playing college football play at lower levels. The goal is to trade the game of football for academic dollars.