Thank you for taking the time, energy and effort to learn more about Dave Berk Consulting.

Dave knows the role that a parent/guarding plays during the recruiting process is very important. The goal in working with Dave is to provide you with tools and knowledge to help you and your son get the most from the football recruiting process.

Dave has seen the college football recruiting process change over the past 20 years as the internet along with social media have become a major part of the process. 

With a background of having helped his youngest brother (JEFF BERK) during his recruitment to working in the recruiting media at from 2002-2017, Dave works only with the sport of football.

From initial consultation until National Signing Day and beyong, Dave will work with you each step of the way including the many ups and downs of the recruiting process.

We can’t stress enough we are not a recruiting service who works with a mass number of clients. We don’t sell you on so-called knowledge or an algorithum of matching kids up with schools for scholarships. To be honest, the recruiting process is not always fun and in no way, a cookie cutter process that many make it out to be. Each prospect will have a different experience during the process.

Since starting this business, Dave’s list of current and past clients have come from referrals. Dave does not solicit clients using mailing list or reaching out with social media.

Dave first started learning about the world of college football recruiting in 1997. He gives professional-expert advice to parents and prospects to limit the mistakes many make navigating the process. He works hand-in-hand with player and parent.

Dave Berk with Heath Harding

Dave saw the talent in former Dayton (Ohio) Christian standout Heath Harding after the first time the spoke. Dave gave Heath advice during his recruitment on camps ect. While other had doubt Heath was a DI level prospect, Dave's advice to camp at a different position opened several doors that had not opened despite his talent. Heath signed with Miami Ohio and went on to have a great career for the RedHawks earning All Mid-American Conference honors during his career.


As a client, Dave will evaluate you based on your position specific skills, possible position changes needed for camp success, height, weight, and speed, along with academics and character.

Not only does your ability on the field matter, academics will play an even bigger role on the type of prospect your son can become. 

One size does not fit all when it comes to football recruiting and from the start, Dave will be honest and upfront in his evaluation of a prospects ability and the level he feels they can play. There is no fear in telling you the majority of prospects are not DI level recruits. 

Each prospects will bring a different academic interest and academic ability. We do not shy away from the truths in this area.


NEVER!!!! are promises made to player or parent they will receive a college scholarship. Too many factors can play into a player earning the chance to play at the college level.

Dave will give advice on the steps players and parents should take. It is still up to the parents and prospect to use the advice given.

Dave’s approach is a simple one.

Work to know each individual and understand each will have their own needs during their one-on-one work.

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