The recruiting process is different for each and every football prospect. Many parents try to copy what a former teammate, family friend or relative did during their experiences only to be left wondering if they are doing the right thing.

Your son’s needs are going to be different in every phase of the process from anyone you may know or have met. Working a plan made to fit the needs of your son and not someone else is a must.

Education, media exposure, training, camps/combines, highlight film, and social media are some of the areas covered when a plan is established for your son.

Remember, no two athletes will have the same experiences during the recruiting process. Each athlete will have different obstacles to overcome with the end goal being they earn a college scholarship or educational dollars they can from using the game of football.

The majority of parents enter the process in the dark and take stabs at things they hope will bring them results. While the recruiting process can have it’s rewarding moments, it is not all fun and games. Just like on the field, your son is in a battle to receive exposure and interest from college coaches.

Online profiles, databases and highlight film do not guarantee your son will even be recruited.

While the cost of a college education continues to rise and the battle to earn a college scholarship or financial assistance from the game is in high demand, work a plan designed for your son and only your son.